Welcome to the Wein ‘factory of pleasure’

Familie Wein produces ham with tradition. We began making our specialities in the village of Musbach, near Freudenstadt in the middle of the Black Forest, back in 1966. Of course, our classic product is genuine Black Forest ham, smoked over local fir and juniper branches. However, our range also includes air-dried ham, streaky bacon, a popular salami with fine cherry brandy, high-quality ham cubes and much more.

Here you can find out everything about our smokehouse, our standards of quality and our wide variety of products. And if reading this whets your appetite, you can order a fine selection from our range as well as other food, gift ideas and smoked products directly from our online shop. Or simply come round in person and explore our shop in Musbach.

We look forward to your visit.
Familie Wein